How To Make Paper Poinsettia Flowers And Add Them To A Table Arrangement

Paper poinsettia flowers are my most favorite holiday blossom to make! I have made many versions of these poinsettias over the years.

Today I will show you how to make my Snowy and Mistletoe style poinsettia flowers and add the flowers into an arrangement that can be displayed year after year in your home every holidays!


– 50-65 pound cardstock – Scissors or cutting machine  – 18-gauge Floral wire – Foam blocks – Green tissue paper – Corsage floral tape – Glue gun – Wood dowel – Pearl spray picks – White crepe paper

Cut out the templates on your cutting machine or by using scissors. Prep the center by covering each pearl spray picks with white crepe paper and securing with floral tape.

Attach the prepped pearl spray clusters to the floral stem wire with floral tape.

Curl the poinsettia petals by using your thin wood dowel. Start by creasing each petal point down the center, then rolling back the edges around the dowel.

Once your petals are prepped, start with the 2 smaller ones and poke the stem through the center, slide up to the top and secure with glue at the base of the pearl cluster.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.