My Giant Charlotte Paper Flower 

The Charlotte design is a favorite because it is so big, and because of the scalloped petal edges it creates a full yet soft ruffle affect.

The center of this flower can be made 1 of 3 ways. First, using the pompom center, which is easy and no template is required.

Second, fill the whole center in with small petals curled different directions. Or lastly, using a rosette center, which is always fun.

– 65 pound Cardstock in choice color  – Scissors – Cutting Machine – Glue gun  – Wood dowel for rolling – Template


Cut out all your petals. This tutorial is for a large Charlotte flower, which measures about 13-14 inches once made.


Cut about 1 1/2 inch slits at the bottom and slightly overlap. Then, Curl your largest petals backwards. At a 45 degree angle bring 2 petals together.

Keep going until the petals meet together naturally.

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