DIY Paint Dump Pumpkins: Easy Painted Pumpkins for Fall and Halloween

Here is yet another idea for you to add to that list of pumpkin painting styles, these marble-painted pumpkins created through paint dumping!

Paint dump projects are definitely not a new idea but to my knowledge, I haven’t seen anyone else try this method of painting pumpkins yet. Turns out it worked amazingly well!


– Acrylic paint – Faux pumpkins – Paint brush – Cake spatula – Fine gold glitter – Gloves – Mod podge – Clear gloss spray (optional) – 3 paper plates per pumpkin – Plastic cups

DO NOT underestimate the paint. It is far better to be overly generous with paint here then under compensating. For a medium pumpkin I filled my red solo cup almost 2/3 of the way up.

Don’t stir the paint! The paint with naturally mix, yes, but purposefully stirring the paint takes away the magic of the marbling effect.

Pumpkins need AT LEAST 24 hours to dry. The amount of paint going on is excessive and it needs plenty of time to dry before continuing the final steps.

Once your pumpkin has had 12-24 hours to dry spray the whole pumpkin with clear acrylic sealer to keep your pumpkin pretty and give it a nice luster finish.

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