Paper Dahlia Tutorial: How to Make Giant Paper Dahlias

Dahlias are such cheerful flowers! Bright and colorful, they’re a favorite sign of summer in any garden. With this paper dahlia tutorial, you aren’t limited to the garden. I’ll show you how to make giant paper dahlias that you can enjoy all year round!

To make the giant paper dahlias, you’ll need to cut out the following pieces: – XL paper dahlia petals – 26 – Large dahlia petals – 10 – Medium dahlia petals – 10 – Small dahlia petals – 8 – Extra small dahlia petals – Optional—as needed for downsizing – 3 poppy centers – 2 circle bases – one larger, one smaller

Step 1: Cut Out Your Dahlia Petals

As you build out your dahlias, you might need to cut a few extra petals here and there. The template will help you make the giant paper dahlias, as well as large, medium, and smaller-sized flowers. To downsize, all you need to do is use fewer large and XL petals.

You’ll start with the center. Glue one of the smaller circles on top of the large circle from the template. Assemble each petal into a cone shape by rolling one side of the tab over the other.

Step 2: Assemble The Giant Paper Dahlia Petals

Follow the circle in the center. Add glue to each petal’s back, and then follow the small circle as a guide to ensure the even placement of the petals.

Step 3: Glue The Dahlia Petals In Place

If the center is still open, you can add the extra small petals to fill in the center. In the center, the petals will be standing almost straight up.

Step 4: Creating The Center Of Your Giant Paper Dahlia

Want to try this giant paper dahlias? Tap the link below to see full details.