How to Make Paper Dahlia Flowers: Small Paper Flower Tutorial

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How to make paper flower dahlias. #DIY

How to Make Paper Dahlia Flowers

When I started out, capturing the beauty of the dahlia did not seem like an easy feat. But with the right tools and patience I found the perfect way to  channel the dahlia’s intense color and festive attitude with this easy tutorial. Learn how to make paper dahlia flowers to decorate favor boxes, centerpiece arrangements, bouquets and more!


– 65 pound cardstock
Scissors (click here for the ones I use)
Cutting machine (click here to see the one I recommend)
Paper Blooms shaping mat and tool set (Find it here)
– Thin wood dowel
– Templates (Download here)

Step 1

Cut out all 8 of your petals. Cutting machine is recommended but PDFs are included with the template download for those who wish to hand cut.

Step 2

Using your thin wood dowel (or a spare glue stick) roll each petal tip around so it curls to the shape of the dowel.

Step 3

Using your Paper Blooms rolling tools and shaping mat cup the centers so the petals stand up more. If you do not wish to purchase this you can gently fold the petals upwards with your fingers.

Step 4

Begin layering the petals. Add glue to the center of one petal layer and place another dahlia layer on top. Be sure to alternate the petals so that are not directly stacked as shown in the images.

How to make paper dahlias.

Step 5

Continue with each of your dahlia layers building up the flower by gluing one layer on at a time.

Step 6

When you get down to the last 2 layers make sure the petals are folded tightly upwards and twist slightly so that they remain upright and together. This is important so the center bud is remains tight when the flower is assembled.

Step 7

Add in your final 2 layers. Your completed dahlia should resemble the last image on the right. Remember, learning how to make a dahlia paper flower takes time and patience. No body gets it perfect the first time including little ol’ me. 😉

How to stem a paper flower

How to stem a paper flower.

Step 1

To stem a paper flower, bend the tip of your 18 gauge wire at a 90 degree angle and form a small circle.

Step 2

Using your leaf base punch a hole through it either with the stem or a hole punch and thread the base up to the top of the stem.

Step 3

Add a generous amount of glue on the top of the stem and base combo. Press firmly onto the bottom of the dahlia until fully dry.

Display your Dahlia

I don’t know about you but when I first started making these dahlias I fell in love and they quickly become one of my top go to small flowers. They especially look stunning when assembled together in a large bunch.

Tell me below in the comments how you would use these beauties in your own special way?!

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How to make paper dahlias


How to make paper dahlias


How to make paper dahlia flowers. Easy small paper flower tutorials.


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