Paper Flower Centers: 5 Ways to Make Centers for Giant Flowers

Giant flowers are the most popular seller and I always get a lot of questions about them, from paper type, to how you should hang them and more.

Another question I hear a lot is how do I make the Paper Flower Centers and what variations can I create? Today I am going to share with you 5 paper flower centers variations.

Pompom Center

Pompom centers are the easiest beginner proof way to finish off the center of a giant paper flower.

Word centers are a funky fun way to customize a flower design. It definitely helps to own a cutting machine to make things  easier here.

These Jewel centers no doubt take some patience to create but they are really very simple to design. 

Rosettes are so easy peezy and almost impossible to get wrong! The great part about rosettes is that they are all made the same way.

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