Paper Flower Centers: 5 Ways to Make Centers for Giant Flowers

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How to make giant paper flower centers. DIY giant paper flowers.

Paper Flower Centers

Paper flowers are the heart and soul of my business. I like to think after 8 years I’ve become somewhat of an expert after design more than 100 signature looks. Giant flowers are the most popular seller and I always get a lot of questions about them, from paper type, to how you should hang them and more. Another question I hear a lot is how do I make the Paper Flower Centers and what variations can I create?
Below I am going to share with you 5 paper flower centers variations. This post is also kinda cool because it is amended straight from my book, The Art of Giant Paper Flowers. In other words, you are getting a peak inside!
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Pompom Center

Pompom centers are the easiest beginner proof way to finish off the center of a giant paper flower.
Here is a brief break down of the steps. Watch the end of the Priscilla style flower video just below to see all the steps. Psss.. you can grab our Priscilla style flower here for free!
How to make a pompom center for large paper flowers

1. Using an 8.5×11 sheet of card stock fold vertically down the center. And cut the paper in half. Precede to fold each of these 2 pieces in half again before moving on to step 2.

2. Using regular or fringe scissors cut slits all the way down each folded piece. Pro tip Or cut at a diagonal angle to establish a slightly different look.

3. Once you have cut the whole way down, open the piece up and fold it the opposite way inside out. This will help with keeping a fluffier looking pompom. Glue together the non fringed sides.

4. Begin rolling your first piece up just like rolling a cinnamon roll! Add on the second piece and finish rolling so that both pieces have been rolled to form one pompom.

Whenever you want to make a larger pompom just keep adding and rolling more fringed pieces. The sky in the limit with the size of your pompom!

Swirl Pompom

I also made a swirl pompom technique video you can watch here!

Word Centers

Cute giant paper flower backdrop ideas
Word centers are a funky fun way to customize a flower design. It definitely helps to own a cutting machine to make things easier here.

Step 1

To create the center you will need to make a basic pompom like we just learned.

The only exception with this pompom is you want to leave a little hallow hole.

Step 2

You will need to flatten the pompom down a lot and the fringed pieces standing up need to be fold outward and down.

Step 3

Gluing in the flattened pompom like this now gives you a base for which to glue the monogram or shape of your choosing to the center of the flower.  

 Jewel Centers


DIY jewel centers for giant paper flowers

These no doubt take some patience to create but they are really very simple to design. You will need a 1-2 inch foam ball cut in half, sticky back rhinestones or pearl embellishments, string ribbon pearls or rhinestone ribbons work great as well, plus a glue gun Above is my poppy center design with a jewel center. 

Finding pearl or rhinestone embellishments is very easy when shopping at most crafts and even a variety of places online.
Here is a brief overview and the full video is linked below!
Pearl and jewel centers for paper flowers

Step 1

Start by gluing one larger pearl or rhinestone in the

center. Then add a circle of smaller ones around.

Step 2

Using string pearl or rhinestone ribbon, wrap the rest of the half foam ball. You can also continue by gluing more jewels or pearls around if you aren’t using the string like I am here.

Step 3

Keep going till the whole foam ball is covered. Watch the video tutorial here.

Rosette Centers

Rosette paper flowers with template.

Rosettes are so easy peezy and almost impossible to get wrong! The great part about rosettes is that they are all made the same way.

And drum roll…here is your freebie! Grab your rosette download here!

Find the full set of 8 here.

How to make a paper rosette

Step 1

Using a thin wood dowel or your fingers, start at the outer most end and begin rolling tightly inward.

Step 2

After you get two or three rolls in add a bit of glue to ensure the center of the rosette remains tight.

Step 3

Continue rolling until you reach the end. Keep it nice and tight as you roll to the end.

Step 4

Once you have rolled the entire rosette you are going to want to let the bud loosen a bit before gluing down.

Keep you fingers on the rosette but allow the flower to  unroll natural just a bit.

Glue the rosette to the base to hold its position. This technique works with any style of rosettes.

Watch the video here!

Small Flower Centers: Mum Flower Example

Small flower designs work very well as the centers of their big flower counterparts. Any small flower can work. I’m going to show you just one example below.

The mum flower center is a unique easy option. Typically I use it will my Giselle flower design.

Small mum paper flowers

Step 1

Using a thin wood dowel or any other similar shaped item for rolling. Curl all your edge of the mum petals inward.

Step 2

To get the mum petals to stand up more, use your molding mat and rolling tool to roll the centers of each mum petal.

Step 3

Start layering the petals. Each petal should be curled just a bit tighter then the one before.

Step 4

Keep going so that 4 of the 6 mum cuts have been curled and stacked as shown.

Step 5

After layering 4 of the 6 mum petals together, layer the last 2 separately so you can get a good deep curl. Use you fingers to push the mum petals so the bud is practically closed. Then add in the last stacked petals into the center and glue the whole mum flower into the Giselle (or any design) giant flower.


I hope you enjoyed these 5 giant flower center variation options! There are truly infinite ways to build a paper flower. Do you have other ideas or something you want me to try? Let me know in the comments!

Don’t forget to download your rosette freebie above!

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How to make giant paper flower centers

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  1. HEllo I want to buy your new book but before I of I need to ask about the temples you have in the book. DO you have to download them and then print them out? Or are they something I can trace and cut out? Because I don’t have a printer so the templates won’t do me any good if I have to download and print them. Thank you very much for your time. Also I think you have amazing talent.

  2. Not sure if you still checking for comments, but thought I’d just try. Working on a big flower project for my church’s Vacation Bible School and cost is always a factor, would these giant flowers work with construction paper? Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Jenny,

      Yes, you can use construction paper if you wish. I have had other’s try this and it worked well for them 🙂

  3. I am hoping for a shortcut to make fringe type centers. I need the look without all the cuts and paper. Any ideas? Your work is lovely!

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