3D Paper Flower Wall Art- Home Wall Decor

If you’ve been to my blog before you know well I am head over heels in love with paper crafts especially anything with paper flowers!

Supplies Needed: Wood decorative frame Paper or silk flowers Mason jar – Scissors – Glue gun – Ribbon of choice

If you do have a cutting machine you can always grab a mason jar silhouette shape and cut that out onto any different paper. I did an example of a metallic gold jar in the above photo. But I’m gonna stick with the blue for the tutorial.

I picked a black and white stripped ribbon. We will use this to tie our project’s look together at the end with a bow.

If you printed the mason jar PDF you will see I included 2 sizes. So if you went for the bigger frame use the bigger jar.

Go ahead now and add your wording to the inside of your jar if you like. Then glue the jar down onto the frame.

Ideally you will build your paper flowers already or go ahead and grab our silk ones and pull them off the stems. Watch the Ansley Rose video tutorial here if you love the flowers I’m working with.

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