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DIY Typography Vase With Crepe Paper Flowers

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Do-it-yourself typography vase with crepe paper flowers. Home decor ideas
The word "love" with crepe paper flowers on top of them are viewed from multiple angles. The center has a fancy script font that says "DIY Typography Vase with Crepe Paper Flowers."
If you’re into trendy home decor pieces like you find at Target, Anthropologie etc.. then you will love how easy it is to customize this great DIY typography vase for a fraction of the cost!
So today I’m going to walk you though how to do this and some extra special tips about my crepe paper flowers. 
White flowers help in gold letter vases. The letters are "O" and "K." You can make DIY typography vases for crepe paper flowers.
I saw this one over at Target and thought it would be fun to try and DIY something with my paper flowers in the spotlight of the typography letter vase. 
Letters on white squares in a white ceramic flower bowl on an old book and wooden table. To create a message worthy of a mobile, Paul begins with vintage letters from the Anagrams game. They're cardboard, not wooden like newer ones, and they adhere easily to lengths of thin copper wire with a hot-glue gun. Once tied to a clothes hanger, the dancing phrase can be hung for display anywhere. Search eBay.com for vintage Anagrams letters.
Psss…I’m totally in love with the DIY 3D paper book vase!
And in my search for more vase ideas like this I came across the similar concept from A Kailo Chic Life
Cardboard vases that spell "YAY" have faux flowers and leaves poking out the top, adorning the brightly colored letters. Make your own custom, Target inspired, typography vase using cardboard letters and paint.
She put her on spin on it with using trendy succulent flowers. And I love the color scheme she picked!
A bird's eye view of a crepe paper flowers in a variety of shapes and colors. Some of the letters that spell "love" are visible beneath the crown of flowers, which all sit on a white background cloth.
I choose to use the word ‘LOVE’ since I wanted something inspirational to remind me to always show love towards others, inside and outside the home. 
You can of course choose a word that’s most inspirational to you. 
A few other good word ideas are 
  • Dream
  • Smile
  • Hope
  • Faith
  • Believe
  • Or my favorite, a child’s name for their nursery!
I even thought about bypassing the wood bottom and hanging the letters directly on the wall for a cool wall art statement piece. 
Pink roses and softer pastel tones of other crepe paper flowers poke out of the top of the red letters "LOVE." These faux flowers can be used in these typography vases.
Supplies you will need from a craft store
Cardboard letters of your choice. 
Wood board to mount them on (helps keep them from falling over) 
Flowers of choice. You can use silk or paper flowers like I did. (tutorials later this week on making the perfect crepe paper flowers!) 
Glue gun and sticks.
Spray paint of choice. 
Xacto knife or drill. 
A bouquet of delicate, pastel-colored crepe paper flowers made using a Cricut cutting machine are seen on top of some wooden and cardboard letters.
Depending on how many letters you use you will need at least 8-10 large flowers and greenery. 
First you will want to spray paint your letters and wood mounting board. 
I choose a watermelon pink for my letters and a tan for the board. 
Abbi Kirsten's hand holds red Krylon spray paint. In the background are freshly painted letters that spell "love." Abbi used cardboard to protect her craft table while using the spray paint.
If  you are going for a more neutral tone for a better fit in your home then chose maybe a tan, cream or dusty blue paint. 
Abbi Kirsten demonstrates how to spray paint typography  letters for an even coat and vibrant color. The letters are on a table and cardboard, both used to protect the table from the paint.
Be sure to spray outdoors! Those fumes will get you!
Cardboard on a table hold the letters that spell "love" after being spray-painted a bright red color.
Let your letters dry thoroughly. 
The finished DIY typography craft. The  word "Love" is spelled out using cardboard letters. These are red and attached to a decorative wooden base. Crepe paper flowers "grow" from the letters as if the letters were a vase. The craft sits on a white background.
I’ve heard of some people using an xacto knife to cut the top of the letters open. I did it a little different and had my hubby drill a few holes where I wanted them in the tops. That way the flowers stand up better. 
After you finish drilling or cutting open the tops, glue the letters with hot melt glue to your board. 
A beautiful crepe paper garden flower in light pink is seen next to other crepe paper faux flowers and lush greenery.
Now more about the flowers…
I choose to make crepe paper flowers while you can of course use silk if you like, but crepe paper flowers really add that extra unique pop!
I’m going to be posting tomorrow on ‘The secrets to perfect crepe paper flowers.’ along with a step by step tutorial to building a crepe paper rose. 
On a white background sits a pink rose made from crepe paper and a Cricut cutting machine. Green crepe paper leaves peek out from the rose petals.
But I’m going to give you a little hint and wet your appetite a bit today. 
Obviously when making paper flowers you need to choose what type and quality of paper you need. 
You NEVER want to buy crepe paper streamers and try to use those for flower making! They shouldn’t even be called crepe paper in my opinion! 
Let me introduce you to Mulberry Paper And More.
A curled-branch tree with rainbow leaves on top of craft paper act as a logo for "Mulberry Paper Design and More."
If you are looking for artisan paper for some projects let me say nothing will make your DIY item more out of this world then 
I’m going to go into more detail about the crepe paper flowers and my new Mulberry Paper obsession tomorrow, but in the meantime take a look around their site. Here are just a couple beautiful examples I saw over on their site. And they have a TON to select from!
And unrolled section of Italian crepe paper in Venetian gold metallic. This color works well with crepe paper flowers.
Just look how pretty?!
An example of shiny blue, green, and purple iridescent paper called "Purple Haze" on a white background.
Iridescent paper is extremely hard to find. Trust me I know. I’m a huge paper craft geek. And the prices are really reasonable. 
So before deciding to go with silk flowers to fill your new trendy typography letter vase stick around and learn to nail some gorgeous paper flowers. And pick some stunning paper up over at Mulberry Paper And More!
A series of images of a DIY typography craft. The finished project is red letters on a wooden base that read "love," with crepe paper flowers in many varieties growing out of the letters. A pink rose made of crepe paper is under the craft, as are images of the craft from different angles. The words on the graphic read "Trendy Typography Letter Vase" and "MamasGoneCrafty.com."

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