Hanging Paper Wisteria

 This paper wisteria craft project is versatile, from weddings to showers, nursery decor, or a fairy birthday party! Over the years, so many of my crafty besties have made these hanging wisteria.

Glue Gun 65-pound cardstock Scissors Cricut Maker –Floral wire Small pearl beads Paper Blooms shaping mat and toolset.


Gather your supplies and get all your paper wisteria petals cut out and ready to go. You can use your Cricut or a pair of scissors.

Distress the centers of your wisteria petals. You can use ink or pan pastels – this is optional.

Using your wood dowel, curl back the wisteria petal points.

Repeat with all the wisteria petals.

Tap the link below to see the full instruction of Hanging Paper Wisteria