Paper Marigold Tutorial And Template

These pretty flowers are a very beginner-friendly craft that’s perfect for DIYers who are new to the paper craft world.

You can make these paper marigolds for wreaths and flower crowns or add them to stems for a vase.


– 65-pound Cardstock in gold, yellow, and orange – Wood dowel – Paper Blooms shaping mat and toolset – Hot glue gun – Cricut machine or scissors

Start by cutting your flower layers. You’ll need two larger 8-point petals, two medium 8-point petals, 2 of the 5-point marigold petals, and three centerpieces from the pdf.


Next, you’ll want to wrap each of the petals around the dowel to give them some dimension.

Once all your pieces are curled, gather the petals, give them a small twist, then add a dot of hot glue to the base petal layer.

Use your fingers to bend up the centerpieces of the flower. Then layer the three pieces, and add a dab of glue to each layer of the stamen.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.