Full Bloom Garden Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial with Templates

This full bloom paper rose tutorial is easy enough for an adventurous beginner can do. Whether you own a cutting machine or just a trusty pair of scissors, you can make this everlasting paper rose craft.

I am also a lover of all things Cricut, so you will see me use my Cricut machine today in our tutorial to make my paper roses, but don’t worry, the rose templates come in PDF printables for all my crafters who need to cut with their trusty pair of scissors.

–Cardstock –Scissors or cutting machine –Wood dowel –Glue gun –Ink –Wire –Corsage tape –Crepe paper –Tacky glue –Wire clippers


Download The Paper Rose Templates: There are two ways to access my garden rose templates, first is through my Member Vault where you will get this rose template and hundreds of more designs.

Cut Out The Rose Petal Templates: Begin by cutting out your paper rose templates. You can use a cutting machine like Cricut or a pair of scissors with the PDF printables. I use 7 rose petals per paper rose.

Adding Distress Ink To Your Petals: To distress the petals, ink your brush and gently rub the ink onto the petal in a circular motion on each petal point.

Curling Your Rose Petals: To curl your paper rose petals use a wood dowel of pen/pencil to wrap each petal point around the pen so it curls. Repeat this with all the petals.

Tap the link below to Full Bloom Garden Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial with Templates