Giant Paper Snowflake Tutorial with Snowflake Templates

It’s getting cooler outside and it’s almost time to start planning those winter parties, decorating every corner, & so much more!

Today I’m bringing you a lovely DIY Snowflake Paper Flower Tutorial that anyone and everyone can do at home. This wintery design is sure to bring a little seasonal joy to any space or event.

To start, fold the bottom of the petal around itself like a cone and secure with glue. Do this with all your petals the same way.

Step 1:

Next, add glue to the XL petal’s top of the cone and layer the large petal over it as I do.

Step 2:

Cut out your medium 8 sided (or 7 sided) petal perfect base. Each of the sides represents a spot for each of the petals.

Step 3:

Either adding glue to the petal or the base attach each petal in a circle to the base.

Step 4:

Want to try Giant Paper Snowflake Tutorial with Snowflake Templates? Tap the link below to see full details.