3D Paper Star Template: Paper Star Instructions and Free Template

I recently spent a few days designing some 3D Paper Star Templates! These are totally cool. First, they are great for holidays like Memorial Day and even parties, plus they make great nursery or home decor.

While you cannot cut out the ornate detailed ones by hand, I have designed a printable PDF that will work for those who do not have a cutting machine.

1. Scissors and/or cutting machine  2. Glue Gun 3. 65-pound cardstock  4. LED lights (optional) 5. Baker’s twine or yarn 6. Hole punch 7. Templates 


Step 1 Cut out 5 templates (no matter what design you are using). These will be the 5 points of the star.

Step 2 Fold along the dotted line. If you are  using a cutting machine your dotted line will actually be cut out (creates a great light effect!).

Step 3 Glue the thin lip together with the other side of the star so it closes.

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