DIY Paper Orchid Flower Tutorial with Templates

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Make your own beautiful pink and yellow paper orchids with this DIY paper flower tutorial. Use with Cricut or scissors! Follow the step by step video to make easy paper orchid blooms.

I’ve always loved how bright and elegant orchids are! Orchids in nature are challenging to keep up with, so I am delighted to share this paper orchid tutorial in collaboration with Michaels Craft Stores.

I crafted these beauties from pink and purple cardstock with the help of my Cricut Maker machine! Abbi Kirsten Community attracts many crafters from beginners to pros. For those newer to creating paper crafts visit my full paper flower supply list and my expert collection of frequently asked questions which will have you make wow-worthy flowers in no time!

Two vases filled with stands of pink and yellow paper orchids that look so real and are easy to make using this tutorial.

This paper orchid tutorial is beginner-friendly, and as a special treat, I am providing the SVG orchid templates as a free SVG – download below!

My Cricut is always the powerhouse of my crafting success. Michaels Craft Store is my favorite place to shop for supplies – I’m there almost every week! If you don’t have Michaels near you or do not wish to go out then just use my links below to ship the supplies right to you!

Pink DIY paper orchids fill a vase placed next to a Cricut machine, but you don’t need a Cricut to create these flowers.

Love paper roses and other paper flowers as much as I do? Download The Joy of Paper Flowers eBook and template bundle, which has more than 24 flower templates, leaves, and centers. I even walk you through styling a paper flower bouquet and orchid arrangements.

The Joy of Paper Flowers is available as an eBook tutorial and includes over 20 flower templates.

Supplies Needed to Make DIY Paper Orchid Flowers

Let’s review the supplies for this paper orchid craft project:

Laid out on a white marble tabletop are the supplies needed to make easy DIY paper orchid flowers. Note you do not need a Cricut cutting machine, but it certainly helps!

How to Make Super Easy DIY Paper Orchid Flowers

Once you have all your supplies together, it is time to create these stunning flowers. You can learn how to make DIY orchid flowers by watching my YouTube tutorial or by following my step-by-step instructions with pictures. Make sure you download the free orchid template first.

Download Orchid Templates

Download these free orchid paper flower templates in SVG cut files and PDF printable format by signing up below, then check your email to set your free account password. 

If you are already a member, then log into your account right here and find it in the Small Paper Flower section or type in the search bar DESIGN #21 and voila! You have your freebie!

Step-by-Step Paper Orchid Tutorial

Below is a picture tutorial of the orchid creation process. Follow along and learn how to make paper orchids for yourself!

This 6-image collage details the first 8 steps of making DIY paper orchid flowers, including the supplies needed, cutting the orchid template, and folding the first paper orchid flowers.
  1. Cut the paper orchids using my Cricut templates. If you don’t own a Cricut cutting machine, you can use scissors
  2. Place a sheet of cardstock onto the LightGrip mat and then load the paper into the machine. Press “Go” when prompted.
  3. Once cut, gently peel the mat away from the cardstock. Then gently peel away the cut designs.
  4. Repeat for each color of cardstock.
  5. (OPTIONAL): To enhance the look of your paper orchids, use some distressed pigment ink and a small sponge to add some color to the center of the orchid blooms. For example, I used a dark pink pigment on light pink cardstock. This adds dimension to your flowers.
  6. Shape the paper flower petals by gently creasing down the center, then curl backward using the dowel rod. Do this for all petals. Curl the two center pieces inwards as well.
  7. To assemble the paper orchid flowers, use your glue gun to place a dot of glue in the center of the 3 point petal, and place the 2 point petal on top, right in the center.
  8. Glue the floral wire tip at the flower’s center. We will assemble the orchid’s center right on top of this wire tip. Make sure the wire is secure.
This six-image collage details how to make stunning strands of pink paper orchid flowers by creating a stem, wrapping the stem with floral paper, and adding the paper orchid blooms and leaves
  1. Glue the two center pieces together, then glue them on top of the wire in the center of the assembled petals.
  2. Repeat this process for 3 to 6 paper orchid blooms.
  3. Wrap the thicker floral wire in corsage tape. This makes the green more natural-looking.
  4. Trim down any orchid wires that are too long.
  5. Prep corsage tape by ripping off strips and placing them aside.
  6. Starting at the top, add each orchid bloom to the thick floral wire with corsage tape. If you made different size paper orchid flowers, you want the larger flowers towards the bottom and the larger ones on top.
  7. Work progressively down the floral wire until you have as many orchid flowers as you want.
  8. (OPTIONAL) You can add leaves as desired. I like to curl them with a wood dowel. Add them to the base of the floral wire with a little bit of glue and add another leaf to the opposite side to create a mirrored image.

I like to place my paper flower orchids in a lovely vase, but you can do whatever you like!

Print out this DIY paper orchids craft project using the craft card below, and don’t forget to share photos of your completed paper flowers in the comments!

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