Paper Flower Peony: How to Make Paper Peonies

Making peonies out of paper is super fun but takes some patience to perfect your skill. There are a couple of key things that can help make your paper peonies amazing.

Let’ talk about paper first. In general, I almost always stick with 65 pound weighted cardstock (176 grams). With these peonies specifically I never go above 65 pound usually.

Next, let’s discuss cutting options. You can hand cut these peonies or cut with a machine. Hand cutting will take more time but it is possible! I do recommend machine use though.

Occasionally my readers and customers wonder if they can use a glue other then hot melt glue. The answer is you can, but I don’t recommend it. 

The Secret Tool You Will Want For Perfect Peonies

This Paper Blooms mat is ideal for molding and shaping paper petals. The material is durable, flexible, puncture resistant and great for shaping, texturing or even embossing.

Tap the link below to see  the full instructionS.