Cricut Tutorials for Beginners: Free 3 Day Cricut Boot Camp

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Free Cricut Design Space tutorials for beginners. Join the free mini course here!

When you decided to buy a Cricut I bet you were pretty darn excited right? I’ve owned 5 of these machines over the past 8 years and the excitement of opening a new box has never faded. One of the first things every new beginner does is search for good Cricut tutorials to teach them how to use their new machine.

BUT, if you are brand new to Cricut, you may be feeling quite intimated about learning the machine and the Design Space software. After all, getting over the learning curve is what will allow you to soar inside the Cricut craft world.

Cricut really is the machine that allows everyone the ability to make something they love with their own hands. From versatile vinyl, cuter than cute sewing projects, paper crafts, and a ton more creative projects await you on the other side of the learning process.

So I want to help launch you into this world of crafts with this FREE 3 day Cricut Tutorials Boot Camp.

So here’s the deal, most crafters get overwhelmed and frustrated with their Cricuts if they start trying to craft before learning how to actually use the machine, Design Space, and work with different types of materials. Please do yourself a favor and learn before you craft!

3 Day Cricut Boot Camp for Beginners. Free Cricut Design Space tutorials.

Cricut Tutorials For Beginners: What is inside the Free Cricut Bootcamp?

Some of the most common Cricut questions that beginners face are included in this mini-course. Things like:

  • Where should I set up my machine?
  • How do I download and install Design Space?
  • How do I upload my own images?
  • Where can I find the best materials?
  • What do all the Design Space terms mean?
  • What is the difference between Print Then Cut and SVG files?

Cricut Machine Tour and The Best Tools, Accessories, and Materials

  • Machine Tour
  • Blade options and changing blades
  • Inserting pens
  • Understanding machine tools and accessories
  • Where to find the best Cricut crafting materials
  • Bluetooth setup for your Cricut

Cricut Design Space Tutorial and Terms for Beginners

  • How to download Design Space
  • Understanding Design Space terminology – you even get the free printable below! Great for keeping by your Cricut for quick reference.
  • Overview of Design Space

How to upload SVG files to Design Space and the difference between Print Then Cut Versus SVG Files

  • How to upload your own SVG cut files to Design Space.
  • Uploading your own Print Then Cut images.
  • Adding pattern fills to Cricut Design Space.
  • Opportunity to join my Cutting Edge Crafters Academy – practice all your skills with hands-on projects AND learn how to draw your own SVG cut files!


There is a lot to learn inside of Cricut Design Space for a beginner. I designed this FREE 3 day Cricut Boot Camp to help newbies ease into this exciting world of crafts. While there is always much more to learn beyond what is shown inside this free mini-course, a Cricut beginner will feel much more confident by day 3!

Cricut tutorials for Design Space beginners

Exclusive opportunity

In addition to enjoying your free Cricut tutorials above, be sure to join me for a special chance to find out how to become a complete Cricut master in 30 days below! PLUS I will teach you how to draw your own custom design files just like me!

So, are you ready to Master your Cricut, discover new hobbies and skills, and design for yourself?! While you are going through the free mini-course, be sure to join my FREE masterclass on the 3 biggest beginner Cricut crafter misconceptions and how to fix them!

This masterclass is for you if you…

  • …own a Cricut machine but feel like you have no clue what you are doing!
  • …wish you could design your own project files.
  • …are tired of searching Pinterest and Google for answers
  • …craft several times a week, and want to personalize your crafts, home or event decor or maybe even want to sell your crafts!

Join me here right now!

Cutting Edge Crafters Course

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Cricut tutorials for beginners. How to use Cricut Design Space.

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  1. I want to enroll in your 3 day beginner class. I have an android tablet, will the classes include those instructions?

    1. Hi Carla!

      This will be taught from a desktop perspective because mobile devices have limited functionality for Cricut Design Space. 🙂

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