The Secret to Perfect Crepe Paper Flowers

Alright so actually there is more then one secret to making the perfect crepe paper flowers. But I’m going to give you all of them including the number one most important!

3. Less is more

The less is more comes in specifically when cutting your petals. A good quality crepe paper is textured with a lot of vertical ridges.

2. You’ve got to follow directions.

Your petals need to be cut so the the vertical ridges run parallel to the petal length. Look closely at my images below and you will see what I mean.

1. You must use a high quality crepe paper!

Even if you follow the first two tips you must have an excellent crepe paper or it won’t matter, plain and simple.

Now let’s jump over to the crepe rose tutorial. You will need:

– 6-7 small petals – 5-6 medium petals – 5-6 large petals

Once you’ve cut your petals grab 2 pieces of 18 gauge wire and wrap with corsage tape.

Tap the link below to see  the full instructionS.