Paper Sunflower Tutorial: How to Make Classic Paper Sunflowers

This paper sunflower tutorial will make you feel bright and cheery in no time. And because I love color so much I decided to mix in non-traditional colors for an extra unique pop!

To get started on your paper sunflower tutorial cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out. – Larger sunflower petals – 2 – Smaller sunflower petals – 2 – Fringe center pieces- 16-20

Cut Out Your Petals

Step 1

To create the center of the sunflower we will slightly fold the fringe down by bending it with your fingers.

Step 2

When making the sunflower center it can be helpful to glue and overlap 2-3 strips at a time and then roll them together.

Step 3

Moving onto the the sunflower petals. We will curl each petal using a thin wood dowel. A pencil can work as well. I’m curling all the petals of the larger sunflower cuts backwards.