Southern Magnolia Step by Step DIY Tutorial

Today I’m giving you my Southern Magnolia Paper Flower Template – Step by Step DIY Tutorial.

There is a simplistic beauty about them and they make any space inviting and charming.



– Glue Gun – 65-pound cardstock – 18 gauge wire – Wire clippers – Scissors and/or cutting machine

Fold a paper rectangle lengthwise. Using fringe or regular scissors cut small slits down the entire length of the folded side.

Then, open the rectangle up and reverse the fold and glue the two non-fringed ends together.

Using your 18 gauge wire, bend one end into a loop. Add some glue to the edge of the paper and wrap in down the wire stem adding glue as you go.

Starting with the slightly 3 smaller petals use a thin dowel to curl the edges of the petals backwards.

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