Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial with Templates 

This papercraft how-to will show you how to make a stunning full-bloom garden paper rose flower bouquet that is fully stemmed!

You can even add supporting leaves! This paper rose is easy enough for any adventurous beginner.


- Paper  - Cricut or scissors - Pencil Or Dowel - Glue Gun - Distress Ink - Stem


After you cut out your petals, it’s time to distress them. Simply ink your brush and gently rub the ink onto the petal in a circular motion on each petal point.

To curl your paper rose petals use a wood dowel or a pen/pencil to wrap each petal point around the dowel so it curls.

To build the paper rose, open out two of your petal layers. Then, glue one on top of the other, alternating the petal points.

To build the rose center, tuck and twist the petals tightly together with one of the petal layers.