How to Use Any Pen with Your Cricut Machine: Cricut Pens Tutorial

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Cricut pen tutorial

Owning a Cricut machine is wonderful! There is so much you can do with it. But sometimes you want to venture out beyond the means of what Cricut provides, like with Cricut pens.

I don’t know about you, but there have been many times I wish I could use a Sharpie or Bic marker with my Cricut machine.

So what if I told you there was a stupid simple easy way to make almost ANY pen work with your Cricut?!

Are you doing your happy dance?

Well, if you aren’t yet, you will by the end of this post. Not only am I going to give you the full tutorial on how to use non-Cricut brand pens
(video at the end of this post) but also a large list of both non-Cricut and the best Cricut brand pens to use with your machine!

This tutorial will work with Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Maker machines.

Brand new to the world of Cricut? Be sure to check out my Cricut resource section on the blog!

This post contains affiliate links.

How to use non-cricut pens with your machine!

How to use any pen with your Cricut machine

So are you ready for the secret sauce? Here it is…

THIS pen adapter set will transform your world of pens for Cricut use. For those of you who may not know, inside of clamp A on your Cricut machine you have a pen adapter. And this adapter is actually removable!

How to Use Any Pen with Your Cricut Machine: Easy Cricut Pens Tutorial. Learn how to use pens like Sharpie, Bic, Crayola markers and Tombow brush pens with your Cricut machine!
Pen Adapter Set from Kid Sharp Productions!

That means you can change out the Cricut adapter for new ones that will hold a variety of different brand pens.

The best part? Even if one of the adapters is labeled “BIC markers” to use with BIC pens, that doesn’t mean there may not be other brand pens that work with that adapter!

I discovered that my Tombow duel brush pens work with the Uni-ball Signo adapter. Can you say, hello flawless brush calligraphy?!

Easy Cricut pen tutorial

Best Cricut Pens to Use

Non-Cricut Pens (you will need this pen adapter set here)

How to use Sharpie markers with your Cricut
  1. Sharpie Fine Point (Regular, Metallic & Neon)
  2. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point
  3. Sharpie Pen Art Pen
  4. Pilot Precise (V5 & V7)
  5. Bic Marking (Fine & Ultra Fine)
  6. Bic Cristal 
  7. Sakura Gelly Roll
  8. Amaza Gel Pens
  9. Sharpie Oil-Based Paint (fine and extra fine)
  10. Uni-ball Signo UM-153
  11. Tombow Brush Pens (use with Uni-ball adapter)

—- Crayola —-

  1. Fine Line Marker
  2. Super Tip 
  3. Detailing Gel Pen

Cricut Brand Pens

  1. Cricut Ultimate Fine-point pen set
  2. Cricut Black pen set
  3. Cricut Glitter Gel pen set
  4. Cricut Peacock pen set
  5. Cricut Calligraphy Black pen set
  6. Cricut Candy Shop pen set

How excited are you to try new pens out with your Cricut machine?! Tell me below in the comments and be sure to watch the video below on how to change the pen adapter on your machine!

Changing Your Cricut Pen Adapter

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      1. Cricut pens work seamlessly with both Explore and Makers. The adapters come into play when you want to use a non-cricut pen. 🙂

  1. I’m new to this I bought a use explorer air. I’m trying to use the design space I created a picture I want to put on vinyl.The blade won’t come down is that because I don’t have a pen in the place for it.

    1. Hi! The blade will work without a pen. It sounds like the blade may not be installed in the clamp properly. You may want to google Cricut help to see a video of how this is done. More than likely the blade just needs to be pushed down into the clamp. 🙂

  2. I cant seem to find the link for the pen adapters for the Cricut Air 2. Is it still available? Thank you. Audra

    1. Hi Linda! I haven’t tried that exact brand but I have used many other similar brands like Tombow dual brush pens and they work well!

  3. Thanks! This worked great! I even tried pens that were not listed and most of them fit in one of the holders.

  4. This is incredible! I have this set and would love to see how the Tombow writes when used. Which fonts do you use when using the Tombow?

  5. Are your free classes for Cricut Joy?

    Can I use the Cricut Ultimate Fine point pen set with my cricut joy. Someone gave me a box if pens for the cricut explore machine.

    1. Cricut Joy will require Cricut brand compatible pens for the Joy only because the machine is smaller.

  6. Your site is filled with a wealth of information! Does one of the pen adapters work with artesprix sublimation markers?

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Alicia,

      You can use the Silhouette pen adapter with the Artesprix sublimation markers.

      Happy crafting!

    1. Possibly! You will just need to try your pens with each of the different adapters to see which one fits. 🙂

  7. Hi Abbi!
    Would really appreciate if you could help me. Would you know of a very good white marker/pen that is compatible with the cricut explore 2 please? I have copper pearlescent paper and would love to do white writing on it. Thanks so much, Melanie

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