Full Bloom Garden Stemmed Paper Rose Tutorial with Templates

This full bloom paper rose tutorial is easy enough for an adventurous beginner can do.

Some of my favorite ways to display my paper roses are in a handmade arrangement, wedding bouquet, or even added to a wreath.

Supply List For Making Paper Rose

Paper - I do not recommend going any heavier than 65-pound cards and no lighter than 50 pound. Cricut or scissors A 1/2 wood dowel or a pen or pencil.

- High temp hot glue gun on hand as well. - Green crepe paper strips - For our leaf assembly, Tacky glue and thin 24 gauge wire are required.

The following few supplies are optional, Adding things like distress ink will really bring life to your flower. If you use ink, be sure to have an ink dauber or ink brushes on hand.

Creating Paper Rose Leaf Stems

If you wish to add extra leaves to your vase of paper roses, use the 24 gauge wire to sandwich it between two leave cutouts with tacky glue. Repeat the process with several more leaves then build out the brand using the floral corsage tape and connect them together.