SVG Files and Image Uploading in Cricut 

Learning how to upload an SVG file to Cricut Design Space, is one of the most freeing and exciting aspects of owning a Cricut machine.

This tutorial will explain how to upload files, including your own images, into Cricut Design Space.

PNG or JPEG – A PNG is just like a clipart image. Clipart images are flattened designs – meaning the colors are blended and you cannot separate each layer by color.

Types Of Files To Use

DXF – Similar to SVG files, but I do not recommend them because they do not save with the same content data as SVG.

Types Of Files To Use

SVG – This stands for scalable vector graphics. SVG files give you the ability to layer by color with various materials like cardstock, vinyl, felt, etc.

Types Of Files To Use

Open Design Space and click New Project. The canvas workspace will open.


The workspace will show a grid with a menu bar. Select the Upload button at the bottom of the Design Panel to your left to upload an image.

After clicking Upload Image, you will be prompted to browse your computer. Click the Browse button and your computer’s file explorer will open. Choose your file.

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