The Best Time Management Strategies for Small Business Success Story

Time management is a big headache for most people. Our schedules are jam packed and our minds are overflowing with information.

With these 11 time management strategies; I guarantee you will see more productivity from your checklist of tasks!

When you have worked hard, you also need to take time to rest well and re-charge so you can hit another home run tomorrow!

Word Hard, Rest Well

Prioritize Tasks Of Importance

When it comes to my business I ask myself 3 questions. 1. Will this benefit me when I finish it? 2. How quickly can this make me money? 3. How quickly can I finish it?

I apply this to other things like batching similar craft projects together in the same day, photographing more than one completed item at a time.

Batch Similar Tasks Together

Routines create an energizing way to tackle your day. Remember to set time blocks for these tasks  to keep the day structured.

Stick To A Routine

Saying no means you value yourself and your time. It also means you value the other person because you want to give them your best yes.

Learn To Say No

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