Typo Cardboard Vase Craft

If you’re into trendy home decor pieces then you will love how easy it is to customize this great DIY typography vase for a fraction of the cost!

So today I’m going to walk you though how to do this and some extra special tips about my crepe paper flowers.

- Cardboard letters of your choice - Wood board  - Flowers of choice - Glue gun and sticks - Spray paint of choice - Xacto knife or drill


Depending on how many letters you use you will need at least 8-10 large flowers and greenery.


To make the vases, first you will want to spray paint your letters and wood mounting board. 

I choose a watermelon pink for my letters and a tan for the board. Be sure to spray outdoors! Those fumes will get you!

Cut the top of the letters open. I did it a little different and had my hubby drill a few holes where I wanted them in the tops.

After you finish drilling or cutting open the tops, glue the letters with hot melt glue to your board.

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