How to Make Crepe Paper Lily Flowers

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Create easy Easter paper lily flowers from crepe paper. Step by step tutorials for making paper lilies with pdf printable and SVG templates.

Is there anything better than the fresh feeling of Spring?! As soon as March hits I am all about Spring cleaning and lightening up my decor around the house, starting with a new floral design like these paper lily flowers!

In today’s paper flower tutorial I will show you how to create a traditional white Easter lily paper flower. These fresh blooms take a little extra tender loving care but the end result is absolutely worth it! Whether you have just a pair of scissors or what to use your Cricut Maker to cut the crepe paper I’ve got you covered with the Easter lily PDF printable templates and SVG cut files.

Crepe Paper Lily Flowers Video Tutorial

If you love video like me, click play and get the full step by step process. You can also keep reading for links to my supplies and a picture tutorial!

Supplies for Lily Crepe Paper Flowers – Where do you find that paper?!

Cutting the Lily Templates by Hand or with Your Cricut Maker

The Easter lily template design is very simple and easy to cut by hand with a pair of detail scissors using the PDF printables. Those of you who own a Cricut Maker machine then let your cutting machine do the work for you! If you have never cut crepe paper with your machine before it can be tricky so make sure to check out my full step-by-step tutorial on cutting crepe paper with your Cricut Maker machine!

Note: You must have the Cricut Maker to cut crepe paper because the rotary blade is required and only works with the Maker machine.

Easter paper lily flowers.

For those of you who know me, I do a lot with cardstock paper as well. You could absolutely use a light-weight cardstock for these Easter paper lily flowers. If you are trying to achieve a very realistic bloom then always opt for crepe paper. For more crepe paper flowers see my Crepe Plumeria, Southern Magnolias, and Tropical Hibiscus DIY tutorials.

White paper easter lily flower tutorial.

Crepe Paper Lily Flower Picture Tutorial

Create easy Easter paper lily flowers from crepe paper. Step by step tutorials for making paper lilies with pdf printable and SVG templates.
  1. Build the Easter paper lily center – Using air-dry clay and thin floral wire, create the lily stamen by rolling a small piece of clay onto the tips of the wire. Repeat this 5-6 times. Also, add your white air dry clay to the center thick stem. Once your clay is on, add the yellow stamen to the center stem wire by wrapping it with floral tape.
  2. Cut your petals – Using a pair of detail scissors or your Cricut Maker machine, cut out the lily petals. You will need 6 halves in each size for a total of 12 pieces that will make lily 6 petals.
  3. Assemble the petal – Add glue to one half of the petal and place the floral wire on the glue, and sandwich the other petal half on top of the wire. Trim and even up the overlapping tips.
  4. Add pan pastelsAdd some color right down the center of the lily petal using a small sponge and green pan pastels.
  5. Shape your petal – Finally, shape each lily petals by gently curving them back.
  6. Assemble the flower – Add the 3 smaller lily petals evenly around the center and wrap with floral tape. To complete the paper lily flowers add the 3 larger petals in offset in between the smaller ones. Secure with floral tape.
  7. Add leaves to the lily – Add optional leaves to your lily around the stem.
Easter lily pdf templates and svg cut files.

What is your favorite Springtime bloom? I’d love to know! Tell me in the comments and I just might make them! Be sure to check out our tulip tutorial as well!

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Create Easter paper lilies with crepe paper.

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