White Mini Dahlia With Pearl Center

I thought it's time to add one more dahlia craft with a fun pearl twist on the flower’s center.

Paper flowers like these dahlias are perfect for custom wedding décor or any special event.

Cut out six paper dahlia flower petal layers. I used my Cricut machine for cutting the SVG templates but you can also use a pair of scissors.


Next, curl each of the dahlia petal points with the 1/4 inch wood dowel.

Gather the petals points of each layer and tuck the petals all the same direction. Give your flower layer a bit of a twist before opening it back up.

Start building the flower by layering two of the petal layer together and alternating the petal points.

Once you've finished layering up to the last petal, glue the large 12 mm pearl into the paper dahlia flower’s center.

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