5 Simple Ways to Show Off Your Personality in Your Home Decor

Recently, I just redecorated my living room and also helped my Mom decorate her new apartment after she moved in.

I learned a few tricks along the way, which I will share with you. These 5 points will help you narrow down and target a look for yourself.

Choosing a color palette is the first thing that should always be considered. When choosing colors I recommend picking one main color and one complimentary color.

Choose a color palette

Choose a spot that naturally stands out on it’s own and then plan how you want to enhance that area! One way to do this with a window is to add long curtains to frame the window.

Find a focal point

Here are a few ways to add a personal warm touch to your space:  – Family photos – Personal art – A handmade item


To me texture is all about the “feel” of the space. If you are wanting a warm and cozy feel then aim for soft textures and an abundance of them.

Add textures

Don’t become so caught up in making everything so perfect and exact that you over think every detail to the extreme.

Have Fun!

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.