Top 5 Home Nursery Decorating Ideas You Need To Know

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DIY Nursery Decor Ideas

Decorating the nursery the right way means you need to take care of a lot of things including the furniture, color scheme, texture, pattern and more. To make the process of decorating easier for you, we have made a list of five of the best home nursery decorating ideas. Take a look as these ideas before you start!

1. Incorporate Soft Textures
Soft texture is one of the number one ways to create an ideal nursery appearance.
Buying fluffy cushions to put around the crib and the gliding rocker along with items like faux or shag rugs. They feel soft to the touch and look amazing. Plus you already have a soft comfortable space for your baby to learn to crawl or walk on!

*2. Buy a Rug or Carpet
This fall under one of those ‘soft texture ideas.’
Using carpets to decorate are great way to pull together the look of the whole room. There are many types and styles of carpets available. You can choose a  plain looking carpet or you can go for a carpet with some funky print on it. You can even find many DIY projects like this DIY Bear Rug by We Lived Happily Ever After blog.

*3. Hanging Fabrics
Hanging fabrics is another way to make the nursery more beautiful than ever. You can choose the fabric print according to what your baby likes or what fascinates him or her the most. 

You can hang the fabric somewhere near the crib, but not within access of the baby, for safety concerns. Even simply draping fabric to frame the windows is a great alternative to just plain curtains. 

Move Furnishings for Easy Access to the Walls and Ceiling

*4. Paint the Ceiling
Another option that you have is to paint the ceiling of your home nursery. You can paint it in some vibrant shade so that your child loves it. You can even include painting of pictures of clouds to tie your style together. 
Another option is to paint the ceiling exactly the same as the floor or carpet of the room to pull the whole look together. The ceiling can play a vital role in the color scheme of the nursery.
Take a look at this article by Family Handyman for tips on painting a room without a mess!

Fairy Light, Curtain Lights 70 LED 80" Length, Battery Operated
    5. Choose Light Wisely 
Lighting is crucial when it comes to the nursery or any child’s room. Using lamps and LED lights is a fun way to make the nursery look perfect and attractive for children. Soft LED twinkle lights can create a warm and enchanting space that is sure to capture your baby’s attention. Check out Save on Crafts for some affordable LED curtain and light options like the one shown above!

How would you choose to use these ideas in your little one’s nursery? What other ideas can you come up with that will bring creative life into the room? Share with me in the comments!
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