Accessories and Tools I Recommend for Cutting Edge Crafters 

Did you know that Cricut Joy can cut so much more than paper and vinyl?

Finding Cricut Materials

When it comes to sorting out where to buy the wide variety of Cricut materials that can be used for your projects, you are best to avoid main steam craft stores.

The materials listed here all work well with the fine-point Cricut blade.

Cricut Materials That Can Be Used With The Fine-Point Blade

Iron-on vinyl is predominantly used on things that are fabric-based in some way, such as t-shirts, totes, cloth napkins, etc.

Iron-On Vinyl

There are two categories of adhesive vinyl – permanent outdoor and removable indoor – with various types within each category.

Adhesive Vinyl

When crafting with cardstock, set the dial to cardstock on the Explore Air 2 or use the Design Space settings to select your cardstock choice.

Cardstock Paper

These transfer sheets can be cut out and pressed onto any sublimation-compatible blank, and they come in patterns and solid colors.

Infusible Ink

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