How to Make Pop-up Flower Cards with Free Templates and Tutorial

In today’s tutorial, I will teach you how to make these pop-up flower cards. These pop-up flower cards are perfect for Mother’s Day or any occasion!

I am happy with the results and I think you will be too! To say you were able to put the love into the handmade process of this type of card is quite an accomplishment!


– Cricut – Tombow  runner tape – Inkjet printer  – Scoring wheel or scoring stylus – Light grip Cricut mat (blue mat) – Envelopes  – Scissors and an Exacto knife

Importing the PNG images to Cricut Design Space will be the first step (there are PDF printables included for those who wish to cut by hand). 

How To Make Pop Up Flower Cards

Because we are working with PNG images here the sizes may need to be adjusted. Follow these measurements to ensure your success.

– One Bouquet Centerpiece 1 (mirrored 1x)- 6.062 W x 9.029 H inches – One Bouquet Centerpiece 2 (mirrored 1x) – 6.062 W x 9.029 H inches