Candy Filled Hearts – Easy Valentine’s Craft with Free SVG and Tutorial

Whether you are passing these out to co-workers, friends, Galentine’s, or helping our kids put together something unique for their classes, I always believe in sharing some love.

Pass these out to anyone but I think your gal pals will especially appreciate the chocolatey treat!


– 65 pound cardstock – Glitter cardstock – Templates  – Candy – Glue gun  – Adhesive permanent photo tape – Cellophane – Scissors or Cricut

Directions for Valentine’s Candy-Filled Heart Craft

1. Cut out your templates. You will have 2 hearts and 1 heart frame cut out. 2. Glue the cellophane to the backside of the heart frame cut out.

3. With your last heart piece, cut a 1 1/2 inch slit at the bottom and generously overlap to create the 3D bowl effect. 4.Use the runner photo tape around the out edge of the heart’s bottom.

5. Place a small handful of candy inside and seal the edges together pressing firmly to secure.