Christmas Bow Template: DIY Giant Paper Gift Bow Tutorial

This giant paper Christmas bow template doesn’t have to be limited in use to just topping large gift boxes.

You could really use these for any occasion but I went with a red Christmas vibe because tis the season right?! What’s better? The templates are free for you!

–Cardstock –Scissors or cutting machine –Bow template  –Glue gun –Command hooks or mounting tape for hanging


Step 1  Start by cutting out all your pieces

Step 2  Each side of the pentagon base represents where you will glue 1 of each 5 extra large bow ribbon cuts. Glue all 5 down to each side.

Step 3  Gentle curl each of the 5 extra large ribbon pieces inwards and glue down.

Step 4  Repeat the last 2 steps again with 5 of the medium ribbon pieces.

Tap the link below to Download The Free DIY Giant Paper Gift Bow Templates!