Craft Paper Storage: 9 Genius Ways to Store Your Craft Paper

When it comes to craft storage, you need to be organized about everything. Crafty people like us by nature tend to be messy when we are in the creative zone.

Not only do these work for paper storage but also vinyl and fabric storage. I have personally used most of these ideas and I will also point you to some the best ones I have found out there!

Magazine Holders I love to use magazine holders for pretty much everything except magazines. In fact, they work amazingly well for craft paper storage.

Scrapbook Paper Storage Many crafters wonder how to go about storing those big 12 x 12 sheets of scrapbook paper. Well lucky you, they make containers specifically for them!

Wall Paper Storage There are lots of easy homemade options to store paper as well. Like wrapping or backdrop paper photo paper that can be hung on the wall to save space and keep the paper in good shape!

Wrapping Cart Paper Storage Boy, do I love this wrapping cart! It stores all my background paper for my photo shoots as well as 3 drawers full of any smaller supplies or my favorite sheets of cardstock!

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