19 Craft Storage Solutions

Right now it is early January and that means everyone is usually itching to get clean and organized after the wash of holiday clutter.

Craft storage means shaking out the clutter This is the hard part for us crafters. We want to keep everything because we believe there will surely be a purpose for this item in the future.

Storage built ins and book shelves So I knew when I found these amazing storage bookshelves, that looked like built-in, I needed to have them for my craft room storage!

Craft Tables & Desks I used this lovely white console table in between my two bookcase cabinets and I love it! It’s great because of the shelves and I love the clean white look.

Cart & Drawer Storage In addition to the core storage we have covered so far, you will find that you need some more versatile and movable storage units.

Small Craft Storage Solutions They lift so much clutter up and off your desk. You can store small items, paint tubes, scissors, tools, ribbons and much more on these boards!

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