25 Sanity Saving Craft Vinyl Hacks

Learning how to use vinyl with your Cricut is so fun, but it also can come with some challenges, like understanding how to layer vinyl.

1. Use a straight cutter to avoid waste Craft vinyl is not cheap. I have learned where to look to find the best online vinyl resources for cheap vinyl but even so, it’s not something you want to waste!

2. Weeding berry tool Use a weeding berry! This trendy idea first started when a clever crafter suggested using a nail polish holder as a means of collecting scraps when weeding.

3. Use a window or Brightpad for weeding Some folks enjoy weeding and find it therapeutic, and then there is the rest of us who don’t. The biggest reason is usually that weeding can be a challenge to see.

4. Tabletop trash can Weeding berries are great for tiny pieces but what about the larger ones? Sure, you can just opt for a general trash can or you can go for a cute tabletop trash

5. Burnish your vinyl correctly Most people burnish the front of their vinyl and stop there. If you experience trouble with your vinyl not sticking to your transfer tape try burnishing both the front and the back!

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