Crepe Paper Newborn Nest Craft 

For a long time, I have been wanting to make a tutorial for a giant crepe paper flower that can be used as a newborn nest photo prop!

Today I will also be providing a free template for you to create this exact flower.

I do not use my cutting machine for this project, since these are large petals and cutting these crepe petals by hand is way faster.


– Crepe Paper rolls – Foam Circle – Foam Poster Board  – Glue Gun + Tacky Glue – Scissors – Giant peony printable flower templates  – Muslin cloth

After you gather your supplies, you will need to print the template out on cardstock and cut out all the petals.

I held my cardstock template on top and cut around the template as a guide. Cutting all my petals for my newborn flower photo prop, took me a couple days.


Everyone’s petal count will vary. I used roughly 60 XL petals and 50 large petals for the flower you are seeing here.

Assemble the  flower nest. I started on the outside of my large foam circle, which was cut from a foam poster board. From the outer edges, I gradually worked my way inward.