Cricut Joy Machine: 

A Portable And Powerful Cricut Machine!

Today, I will be sharing with you all the details about Cricut Joy as a power-packed crafting tool, and the benefits of owning one!

What Is The Cricut Joy Machine?

The Cricut Joy is a mini smart cutting machine that is most ideal for personalizing just about anything with the convenience of portability.

Joy is Bluetooth enabled and easily works across all devices. Weighing less than four pounds, this machine literally fits in the palm of your hand!

What I love most about this new machine is that its compact nature does not compromise its usefulness.

Cricut designed a special card mat that will have you zipping through handmade cards in a matter of minutes.

Projects the Cricut Joy Excels in

For those who love to make tumblers, the Cricut joy would be a shoo-in for vinyl details.

Because the Cricut Joy can cut up to 20 feet in length wall decals or borders are a breeze.

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