Cricut Tutorials For Beginners: Free 3 Day Cricut Boot Camp

If you are brand new to Cricut, you may be feeling quite intimated about learning the machine and the Design Space software.

Cricut really is the machine that allows everyone the ability to make something they love with their own hands.

Cricut Tutorials For Beginners

I want to help launch you into this world of crafts with this FREE 3 day Cricut Tutorials Boot Camp.

Most crafters get overwhelmed and frustrated with their Cricuts if they start trying to craft before learning how to actually use it. Please do yourself a favor and learn before you craft!

– Where should I set up my machine? – How do I download and install Design Space? – How do I upload my own images? – Where can I find the best materials? – What do all the Design Space terms mean?

What Is Inside The Free Cricut Bootcamp?

Cricut Machine Tour And The Best Tools, Accessories, And Materials

– Machine Tour – Blade options and changing blades – Inserting pens

Cricut Design Space Tutorial And Terms For Beginners

– How to download Design Space – Understanding Design Space terminology

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