DIY Christmas Garland – How to Make Giant Paper Holly Garland

This easy peasy DIY Christmas garland craft captures simplicity and festivity all in one.

I used about 50 of them for my 5 1/2 foot garland here.

Step 1: Cut out all your holly leaves.

If you want your garland to be curved be sure to lay it out in that shape before gluing any leaves down.

Step 2: Begin gluing the leaves to the tinsel garland starting at one end.

I like to glue the first 2 in a V shape at the tip of the garland and then glue one holly leaf below in between the two.

Step 3:

Once you have finished adding the holly leaves pick some spots on your garland to add on the honeycomb berries.

Step 4:

Want to try this giant Paper Holly Garland? Tap the link below to see full details.