DIY Home Renovation: Our Home Renovation Journey

My husband and I have been wanting to buy a home for over 5 years and have constantly had one unexpected problem after another. So today, let me proudly share our home!

My hope for the rest of this article is that you will gather inspiration for your own homes and hopefully it will give you an idea of how to accomplish your very own home renovation!

Renovation Project List

– New ceiling fans – Update electrical outlets – Remove drop down kitchen ceiling – New light fixtures – Demo kitchen – Demo 1 bedroom to convert to loft – Knock down ceiling

Renovation Project List

– New paint (yes, everywhere my arms still hurt) – Kitchen/dining wall removed – Brand new appliances – New floors (Laminate and carpet in the bedrooms) – New base boards – Stone backsplash

Although we knew that this house was meant to be ours, we knew it was not meant to be ours as is. Major work had to go in.

The only thing that made them “separate” was a big wall dividing them that you had to walk around. Right away we knew the wall coming down was on our top priority list.

The Living and Family Rooms

Hello open space! We now have one large great room and its amazing! I even had a corner for the kiddos to play with their toys.

Once again the dining room was closed off from the kitchen with a big wall. Down it came too. I wanted open space!

The Dining Room

Now we have a kitchen that we managed to double the size of plus it flowed straight into the dining room for a big open entertainment space.

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