DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Whether your design aesthetic is farmhouse chic or you appreciate the simple and elegant statement that comes from the charm of a magnolia – this DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial is perfect!

Paper flowers have become one of my greatest loves because of their timeless style and durability – not to mention you can size them to whatever size you need for the effect you desire!


– Cardstock  – Glue Gun – 65-pound cardstock – Scissors and/or cutting machine – Wooden dowel for rolling – Small foam ball (2-3 inches in size)

Cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out: – XL petal- 6 – Large petal- 6 – Medium Petal- 4 – Center stamen pieces- Approx.25-30 pieces – 6-sided petal base- 1

Cut out your petals

To create the center of the Magnolia, glue each stamen piece around the foam ball or foam egg shape. Make sure to have the pointy side up.

Everyone’s count will vary with these pieces. The goal is simply to cover the ball overlapping each piece as you build around the ball.

Feel free to start at the top or the bottom – either works just fine. Just be sure to keep going until the ball is covered.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.