DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

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DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

One of the season’s trending flowers is the gorgeous Magnolia. Whether your design aesthetic is farmhouse chic or you appreciate the simple and elegant statement that comes from the charm of a magnolia – this DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial is perfect (and quite simple to execute)!

Paper flowers have become one of my greatest loves because of their timeless style and durability – not to mention you can size them to whatever size you need for the effect you desire!

I can’t wait to see you use this beautiful DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial! Be sure to share!

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Flowers


DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Cut out your petals

You will have 2 petal sizes for the Magnolia petals plus the center stamen pieces. To get started on your paper Magnolia tutorial cut the following number of petals/fringe pieces out.

  • XL petal- 6
  • Large petal- 6
  • Medium Petal- 4
  • Center stamen pieces- Approx.25-30 pieces
  • 6-sided petal base- 1

If needed, cutting machine measurements are in the description of the tutorial video on YouTube, linked below.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Step 1

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

To create the center of the Magnolia, glue each stamen piece around the foam ball or foam egg shape. Make sure to have the pointy side up.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Everyone’s count will vary with these pieces. The goal is simply to cover the ball overlapping each piece as you build around the ball.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Feel free to start at the top or the bottom – either works just fine. Just be sure to keep going until the ball is covered.

Step 2

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

When making the Magnolia petals start by cutting a 2-inch slit at the bottom of all petals and overlap slightly with glue.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Using your wood dowel or rolling tool, curl back the edges of the petals. Magnolias tend to have petals that curl different directions.

Count out 3 of your XL petals and curl 1 side backward and 1 side inward. For your other 3 XL petals curl both sides backward. There is no exact way to curl all the petals. Whatever your preference.

For your medium petals curl them all inwards.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

For your large petals curl all 6 with both sides inwards

Step 3

There is a hexagon shape for the base of the flower. Each side of the base represents where we will glue a petal down.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Begin with your XL petals, gluing 1 petal on each of the 6 sides of the base. Glue the petals about 1 inch into the base. Alternate between the different XL petals that were rolled.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

On to the large petals. Glue each one in between the XL petals. Move in about a ½ inch towards the center. Feel free to curl your petals more to add a more flowery look.

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Finally, add in your 4 medium petals to the center- 2 across from each other at a time. You can always add in a few extra petals here if you like. (4 is the bare minimum I suggest)

Step 4

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

To complete the Magnolia, glue the stamen center in the middle of all the petals.

Step 5

DIY Giant Paper Magnolia Tutorial

Enjoy your giant Magnolia! The XL one will measure up to 20-21 inches!

I loved creating these because of their realistic look! Whatcha think? How would you use this paper Magnolia tutorial? Tell me below! And if you enjoyed this please be a pal and share.

Follow the step-by-step video tutorial HERE!

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