DIY Paper Orchid Flower Tutorial with Templates

Orchids in nature are challenging to keep up with, so I am delighted to share this paper orchid tutorial.

This paper orchid tutorial is beginner-friendly, and as a special treat, I am providing the SVG orchid templates as a free SVG!

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Cut the paper orchids using my Cricut templates. If you don’t own a Cricut cutting machine, you can use scissors. To enhance the look of your paper orchids, use some distressed pigment ink and a small sponge to add some color to the center of the orchid blooms.

Shape the paper flower petals by gently creasing down the center, then curl backward using the dowel rod. Do this for all petals. Curl the two center pieces inwards as well.

To assemble the paper orchid flowers, use your glue gun to place a dot of glue in the center of the 3 point petal, and place the 2 point petal on top, right in the center.

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