DIY Typography Vase With Crepe Paper Flowers

If you’re into trendy home decor pieces like you find at Target, Anthropologie etc. Then you will love how easy it is to customize this great DIY typography vase for a fraction of the cost!

–Cardboard letters –Wood board –Flowers –Glue gun and sticks. –Spray paint of choice. –Xacto knife or drill.


First you will want to spray paint your letters and wood mounting board. I choose a watermelon pink for my letters and a tan for the board.

If  you are going for a more neutral tone for a better fit in your home then chose maybe a tan, cream or dusty blue paint.

Be sure to spray outdoors! Those fumes will get you!

Let your letters dry thoroughly.

Tap the link below to see the full instruction of DIY Typography Vase With Crepe Paper Flowers