7 Easy DIY Baby Shower Favors

Baby showers favors do not need to put a big dent in the budget. Have a baby shower at an affordable cost!

You can start buying baby stuff and do your simple Do it yourself baby shower favors. You do not want to pay a lot for the baby shower favors because there are number of affordable favors you can make.

You may be amazed as to how many ideas there really are. You can purchase or do anything from small kits, to sweet bags, from customized favors, to beautiful bath bombs.

Provide your guests something sweet with lollipops. You can purchase the pops at the local or online store and receive the stickers prepared. 

Prepare to Pop

Try a favor that does not revolve around the baby theme.  Some people like the notion of offering party favors that the guests will really love.

Takeaway bouquets: How about making an attractive bouquet for the guest tables that the guests get to take home with them?

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