Eos Lipbalm Holders 

Today I am giving you several free eos lip balm printables to enjoy!


– Eos lip balms – Pair of scissors and an Exacto knife if cutting by hand – Printer  – Standard green mat

I’ve made these free eos lip balm printables easy enough to cut out with just a pair of scissors and an Exacto knife, or you can use a cutting machine.

If you are uploading the PNG images for your Cricut, you will need to plug in my sizes to match the eos lip balm containers.

To change the measurements, select the image on your Canvas, and at the top edit bar, you will see a Size W x H option to plug in dimension.

Enter the following dimensions: – Flower Eos Measurement – 4.431W x 4.424H – Unicorn Eos Measurement – 3.876W x 4.592H – Butterfly Eos Measurement – 5.374W x 3.576H

Personally, the unicorn eos printable is my favorite and would go fabulous with a unicorn theme party!

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.

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