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Free Eos Lip Balm Printables – Unicorn, Flower, and Butterfly Templates

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A graphic poster with pictures of unicorn and flower EOS lip balm decorations with red shiny pom-poms nearby. The text in the middle reads "Free Eos Lip Balm Printables."

I love my eos lip balm; I always have one nearby. Eos lip balms are great as gifts, especially around holidays like Valentine’s or Christmas when so much sugar is already around; eos is a welcomed non-sweets gift. Today I am giving you several free eos lip balm printables to enjoy! I will be gifting these for Valentine’s Day this year, but the flower, butterfly, and unicorn designs also make fantastic birthday favors too!

Of course, most of us do love a little sugar in our lives, so if that’s you, be sure to check out my Doxie Pillow Candy Box and my Woodland Animal Candy Hugger templatesall free!

Three happy, colorful unicorn heads have Eos lip balm as noses. These templates are available for free and make great gifts.

Cut by Hand With Scissors or With A Cutting Machine

I’ve made these free eos lip balm printables easy enough to cut out with just a pair of scissors and an Exacto knife, or you can use a Cricut machine to perform a Print Then Cut process and let your machine do the cutting for you!

Free flower printables use the Eos lip balms as the flower center. Scissors, pink paper, washi tape, and red and white string surround the decorated lip balm.

Eos Lip Balm Video Tutorial

Click play below to see how I add my printables to the eos lip balm containers. Be sure to scroll down to view my supply list and download the freebies for yourself!


Abbi Kirsten's hand holds a butterfly Eos printable, above other colorful butterflies laying on a white table.

If you are uploading the PNG images for your Cricut, you will need to plug in my sizes to match the eos lip balm containers. The reason for this is that Cricut will upload the PNG image larger than I save it. To change the measurements, select the image on your Canvas, and at the top edit bar, you will see a Size W x H option to plug in dimension. Enter the following dimensions before performing the Print Then Cut.

If you are cutting by hand, then you do not need to worry about this.

  • Flower Eos Measurement – 4.431W x 4.424H
  • Unicorn Eos Measurement – 3.876W x 4.592H
  • Butterfly Eos Measurement – 5.374W x 3.576H
A screenshot of a Cricut Design Space canvas on which butterfly, unicorn, and flower printables are being resized to fit Eos lip balms.

Supply List For Free Eos Lip Balm Printables Craft

Three happy unicorns
A close-up overhead view of the three free printables for Eos lip balms include a unicorn, a pink flower, and a yellow butterfly.


Download these free Eos printable templates by signing up below. If you are already a member, then log in to your Member Account and find it in the Holiday >Valentine’s section – or just search Design #121.  If you are not a member, read this helpful post on our Freebie Vault!

Five varing colors of free butterfly printables surrounding Eos lip balms lay on a white table next to an open Eos lip balm.

Personally, the unicorn eos printable is my favorite and would go fabulous with a unicorn theme party and these unicorn rainbow swirl flowers! Which one is your favorite? Tell me in the comments!

A graphic with a picture of the free Eos lip balm printable flowers on top and pictures of the Print Then Cut printables ready to be cut. The middle text reads "EOS Lip Balm Printables," and the bottom text call-out points to the printables with the text "Free Download!"

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A graphic has text on top that says, "Free Eos Printables and Print Then Cut Images." The pictures under the text show the various free design templates you can use to dress up Eos lip balms by using them as the centerpiece for butterflies, unicorns, and flowers.

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