DIY Christmas Garland – How to Make Giant Paper Holly Garland

This whole project for a 5 1/2 foot garland only took my about 2 hours and was so crazy simple but totally festive and gorgeous.


– 65 pound cardstock – Scissors or cutting machine – Holly template  – Glue gun – Red honeycomb balls – Thick tinsel garland – Command hooks or floral wire

The first step is to cut out all your holly leaves. I used about 50 of them for my 5 1/2 foot garland here.

Begin gluing the leaves to the tinsel garland starting at one end. If you want your garland to be curved be sure to lay it out in that shape before gluing any leaves down.

I like to glue the first 2 in a V shape at the tip of the garland and then glue one holly leaf below in between the two.

Once you have finished adding the holly leaves pick some spots on your garland to add on the honeycomb berries. Open the honeycomb balls half way and glue them down in clusters.

Tap the link below FOR the full instructionS.